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Computational Structural Biology group focusing on dissecting, understanding and predicting biomolecular interactions at the molecular level.

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The BioExcel integrative modelling interest group offers a forum to discuss various approaches and software related to integrative structural biology and modelling. Its forum can be accessed here.

The first newsletter has now been published. In it you will find:

  • A short interview with the author of a software/method used in Integrative Modelling
  • Highlights on one or two recent publications in the field
  • A list of events (courses, conferences, workshops, webinars, …) related to Integrative Modelling
  • Some tips on software, scripts or web services that we would like to share with you

You can find a digest of all this information on the main page of the BioExcel Integrative Modelling community.

You can register to receive the email version of this newsletter here.