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Computational Structural Biology group focusing on dissecting, understanding and predicting biomolecular interactions at the molecular level.

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February 2023

HADDOCK workshop at ISGC2023

We are organising a HADDOCK integrative modelling workshop at Academia Sinica in Taipei as a satellite event of the International Symposium on Grid and Cloud...

December 2020

HPC innovation award for deep learning work

In the context of a SURF Open Innovation Lab collaboration for deep learning enhanced HPC applications, the consortium of several universities (WUR, Radboud,...

Targeting membrane complexes

Membrane proteins are among the most challenging systems to study with experimental techniques in the structural biology field. The increasing number of depo...

May 2020

Live demo of the HADDOCK EOSC portal

At the occasion of the EOSC-Hub week conference that took place online (May 18-20, 2020), Alexandre Bonvin gave during closing plenary session an interview a...

April 2020

HADDDOCK COVID drug repurpusing

HADDOCK screen of 2000 approved drugs for COVID-19

March 2020

High throughput computing NWO grant to support computational structural biology through the Utrecht WeNMR services

HADDOCK (High Ambiguity Driven protein-protein DOCKing) is an integrative platform developed at Utrecht University for the modelling of biomolecular complexe...

Panos Koukos successfully defends his PhD

A fresh PhD graduate from the group - Panos Koukos

November 2019

Review on Integrative Modelling

Our review on Integrative Modelling of Biomolecular Complexes is out

2020 EMBO integrative modelling course

Registration open for the 2020 version of our EMBO practical course on integrative modelling of biomolecular complexes.

May 2019

Aye Aye Captain

Nice developer's tale story about HADDOCK on SBGrid

April 2019

Coconuts for drug design

A new enhanced sampling protocol helps opening binding pocket for better docking resuls

February 2019

Congratulations to Cunliang for his PhD

A fresh PhD graduate from the group - Cunliang Geng

January 2019


Read the new HADDOCK-related EGI research story about brain tumor resarch

October 2018

Alexandre Bonvin about EOSChub in practice

Alexandre Bonvin explains how the WeNMR community builds on EOSC principles to support 12,000 structural biology researchers worldwide

August 2018

Top performance of the HADDOCK team in D3R Grand Challenge 3

Using an adapted protocol the HADDOCK team performed among the best in D3R grand challenge 3.

June 2018

Over 200000 served HADDOCK runs

The HADDOCK server passed the cap of 200000 docking runs served since June 2008

May 2018

New HADDOCK2.4 server coming up

Discover the upcoming new HADDOCK2.4 web portal

February 2018

BioExcel Summerschool

The BioExcel summerschool on biomolecular simulations methods will take place in June on Sardinia

November 2017

HADDOCK reaches 10K users

HADDOCK has reached a new milestone with 10K registered users

October 2017

HADDOCK expands to support 20 molecules

HADDOCK integrative modelling platform extended to 20 molecules

August 2017

Check out our new SpotOn webserver

High Accuracy Identification of Protein-Protein Interface Hot-Spots with our SpotOn web server

Over 1200 HADDOCK installations

Next to >9500 webserver users, HADDOCK now counts over 1200 local installations

May 2017

Successful HADDOCK workshop at KAUST

HADDOCK went Middle-East for a two days workshop at KAUST

Check out the new BioExcel video

Check out the new promotial video for the BioExcel Centre of Excellence for Computational Biomolecular Research

April 2017

Renewed EGI-Mobrain SLA for 60 millions CPU hours

EGI-MoBrain collaboration - a renewed service level agreement for better research

March 2017

Poster prize at ISGC2017

Our GROMACS in the cloud poster win the poster prize at ISGC2017

America first, HADDOCK second

HADDOCK the best docking program in the world - it's true!

February 2017

Welcome Jorge

Welcome to our new group member Jorge Roel

1st BioExcel Integrative Modelling Newsletter

Read the first newsletter of the BioExcel interest group on integrative modelling

January 2017

eScience ASDI grant

eScience grant on deep learning for scoring biomolecular complexes

December 2016

Modelling bacterial iron piracy

Check out the research story published on the EGI web site about modelling bacterial iron piracy from plant proteins. It describes among other how the HADDOC...

November 2016

Virtual reality meets proteins

Discovering proteins in virtual reality

Marijne wins poster prize at Science for Life conference

Congratulation for Marijne Schijns for her poster prize

October 2016

Welcome Leander

Welcome to our new group member Leander!

NMR group lab day out 2016

Labday out for the NMR group - games and cooking!

Welcome Nevia

Welcome to our new group member Nevia!

September 2016

NSBM fall meeting

Announcing the Netherlands Society on Biomolecular Modelling fall meeting - Utrecht November 16th

Announcing the POWERFIT web server

PowerFit fits your 3D structures in any map

August 2016

Welcome Kasey

Welcome to our new group member Kasey!

Announcing the DISVIS web server

Visualize your accessible interaction space with the DISVIS server

July 2016

Succesful EMBO course in Barcelona

A very successful EMBO practical course on Integrative Modelling of Biomolecular Interactions"

June 2016

Zeynep wins doctoral dissertation award

Congratulations to Zeynep for her doctoral dissertation award from Bogazici University

HADDOCK goes Italy!

We are continuously promoting HADDOCK in workshop. Three tutorials were recently given.

May 2016

View the First BioExcel HADDOCK webinar

Webinar about HADDOCK and the differences between the server and a local version"

April 2016

First BioExcel Webinar

First BioExcel Webinar on integrative modelling using HADDOCK

March 2016

Welcome Mikael

Mikael Trellet - our new post-doc in the CSB group

Summer School on Molecular Modeling for Life Sciences

First edition of the School on Molecular Modeling for Life Sciences, Sardinia, June 2016

February 2016

EGI-Mobrain SLA for 75 millions CPU hours

EGI-MoBrain collaboration - a service level agreement for better research

Welcome back Adrien

Adrien Melquiond returns to the CSB group

January 2016

How a bachelor practical became an educational paper

Our moleculer modelling computer practical for 2nd year chemistry bachelor students published in BAMBE

Welcome Joerg

Welcome to our new group member Joerg Schaarschmidt

December 2015

BioExcel center of excellence H2020 project started

H2020 BioExcel center of excellence project started with UU partner

November 2015

Doctor Gydo

Fresh doctor's title for Gydo

Official opening of the uNMR-NL facility

NMR, its applications and the Dutch uNMR-NL facility

October 2015

Announcing the EMBO course on integrative modelling

Integrative modelling of biomolecular interactions - Barcelona 2016

INSTRUCT practical course - April 2016

Advanced methods for the integration of diverse structural data with NMR data

Check our entries in the PDB

Check our contribution to the PDB structures

SBGRID webinar about HADDOCK server vs local install

Listen to the SGBRID webinar by Alexandre Bonvin describing the HADDOCK webserver and a local install of the software

August 2015

Anna's Binding Affinity Work Published in eLife

A simple, contact-based predictor of binding affinity for protein-protein complexes published in eLife

July 2015

Read about the Facebook of Proteins in the July Issue of C2W

Issue 12 of the Dutch Royal Society of Chemistry biweekly magazine (C2W) reports on our reseach about protein-protein interactions

June 2015

Inge wins price for the best highschool research project

Inge Clemens who did her final year research project in the CSB group wins the 1st price

WeNMR highlights in the 2014 SURFSara annual report

SURFSara's annual report 2014 hightlights protein research with grid computing

May 2015

TOP-PUNT NWO proposal granted

The Baldus and Bonvin labs get a 2 million euros TOP-PUNT grant

HADDOCK Survey Statistics

Read about Joao's working environment

An interview with João from the CBS group about his working environment

Two new H2020 projects funded!

H2020 e-Infrastructure VRE project "West-Life" and Center of Excellent project "BioExcel" funded

HADDOCK goes cryo-EM

HADDOCK now supports docking from cryo-EM data

April 2015

Fill in the HADDOCK survey

Help us improve our software - fill our online survey!

WeNMR cluster integrated into Life Science Grid

The CSB group now hosts a WeNMR Life Science Grid cluster managed by SURFSara

Welcome to Jeff Grinstead

Jeff Grinstead as visiting professor from the University of Pugetsound (WA, USA)

March 2015

HADDOCK2.2 released

Version 2.2 of the HADDOCK software and its web server released!

Visit of Alan Mark from the University of Queensland

Prof. Alan Mark will visit the group on March 30/31

February 2015

Another Marie Curie Fellowship for the lab

Dr. Irina Moreira from Porto University got a Marie Curie fellowship to join the CSB lab

A Happy Haddock User

Positive quote from a satisfied HADDOCK user

Top Performance Of Haddock In Casp Capri

Top performance of HADDOCK in the joint CASP/CAPRI prediction round!

Marie Curie Fellowship For Anna

Anna Vangone receives a H2020 Marie Curie fellowship!

January 2015

H2020 Infrastructure Project I Next Funded

iNEXT H2020 infrastructure project funded - 10 million for structural biology in Europe!

Second H2020 E Infrastructure Project Landing

Utrecht participates to the newly funded EGI-Engage project under the H2020 e-Infrastructure programme.

First H2020 E Infrastructure Project Landing

A large international EU consortium gets funded under the H2020 eInfrastructure programme to develop CLOUD eScience solutions.

Gordon Conference On Computational Aspects Of Biomolecular Nmr

Gordon Conference on Biomolecular Aspects of Biomolecular NMR - June 2015

December 2014

Haddock Worldmap

Worldwide distribution of registered HADDOCK server users

Fresh Doctor Joao

Joao Rodrigues successfully defended his PhD thesis

November 2014

Gydo Wins The Nsbm Poster Prize

Poster prize for Gydo van Zundert at the fall 2014 NSBM meeting

First Haddock Model

Handcrafted with wood: The first HADDOCK model, well... half of it!

Li Xue Joins The Lab

We welcome Dr. Li Xue who got a NWO VENI grant

October 2014

Nobel Prize Laureate Lecture Levitt

Lecture Chemistry Nobel Prize laureate Michael Levitt - Utrecht, December 11th

Once Upon A Time Two Proteins

HADDOCKing with co-evolution restraints: collaboration with Harvard University @eLife

September 2014

Haddock Goes Crowd Computing

Alexandre talks to the Desktop Grid Federation about the social life of molecules.