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Computational Structural Biology group focusing on dissecting, understanding and predicting biomolecular interactions at the molecular level.

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The 2015 Gordon Conference on “Computational Aspects of Biomolecular NMR” will take place in 2015 from June 7 until June 12 in the beautiful Toscane site of Il Ciocco in Italy .

The programme is complete with a great list of speakers and registration is open!

Four short talks will be selected from the submitter posters.


###Keynote Session: Advances in Integrative Structural Biology

Discussion Leader: Antonio Rosato (University of Florence, Italy)


  • Andrej Sali (University of California, San Francisco, USA)
  • Adam Lange (Max Plank Institute, Germany)

###Conformational Variability and Dynamics

Discussion Leader: Andrew Baldwin (Oxford University, UK)


  • Christian Griesinger (Max Plank Institute, Germany)
  • Claudio Luchinat (University of Florence, Italy)
  • Arthur Palmer (Columbia University, USA)
  • David Fushman (University of Maryland, USA)
  • Short Talk Selected from Poster Abstracts

###NMR and Computations in Industry

Discussion Leader: Ben Davis (Vernalis, UK)


  • Eiso AB (ZoBio, the Netherlands)
  • Michael Schaefer (Novartis, Switzerland)
  • Chun-Wa Chng (GlaxoSmithKline, UK)

###Ligand Interactions and Metabolomics

Discussion Leader: Giovanna Musco (Dulbecco Telethon Institute, Italy)


  • Robert Konrat (Vienna University, Austria)
  • James Prestergard (University of Georgia, USA)
  • Rafael Bruschweiler (Ohio State University, USA)
  • David Wishart (University of Alberta, Canada)
  • Short Talk Selected from Poster Abstracts

##Signal Processing

Discussion Leader: Christina Redfield (University of Oxford, UK)


  • Jeffrey Hoch (University of Connecticut Health Center, USA)
  • Tatyana Polenova (University of Delaware, USA)
  • Vladislav Orekhov (University of Gothenburg, Sweden)

##Pushing the Limits of Solid State NMR

Discussion Leader: Tatyana Polenova (University of Delaware, USA)


  • Marc Baldus (Utrecht University, The Netherlands)
  • Mei Hong (MIT, USA)
  • Lyndon Emsley (Ecole Normale Superieure de Lyon, France)
  • Anne Ulrich (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany)
  • Short Talk Selected from Poster Abstracts

##Frontiers of NMR: Complementary Methods

Discussion Leader: Alexandre Bonvin (Utrecht University, Netherlands)


  • Pau Bernardo (CNRS / CBS Montpellier, France)
  • Alexander Leitner (ETHZ, Switzerland)
  • Holger Stark (MPI, Germany)

##Challenges in Structure Determination

Discussion Leader: Torsten Herrmann (CNRS/ENS, France)


  • Ad Bax (NIH, USA)
  • Tobias Madl (Technical University Muenchen, Germany)
  • Chad Rienstra (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA)
  • Angela Gronenborn (University of Pittsburgh, USA)
  • Short Talk Selected from Poster Abstracts

##Intrinsically Disordered Systems and Interactions

Discussion Leader: Valerie Daggett (University of Washington)


  • Frans Mulder (Aarhus University, Denmark)
  • Carine Van Heijenoort (CNRS-ICSN, France)
  • Martin Blackledge (CEA/CNRS/IBS, France)